What I am into!



I am into soccer, I am playing for NMSC (North Mississauga Soccer Club). We have played three games so far and have won all three of them, 4-1, 4-0 and 4-2. this is the first year that I have had a good team for. I am interested in soccer and am a huge fan for Manchester United. I have been playing soccer for 4 years and have no plans of stopping. soccer is my favourite sport.

My crazy future!

In my crazy future I hope to play for Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League. If my dream is not accomplished then would like to be a Lego designer. Playing soccer is a fun sport and it shows you how to cooperate with others because you are playing with other people who might be better than you or not as good as you. I  like building lego because it takes time and tests your imagination. These are hard to accomplish but I still hope to do them.

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mothers day animoto video

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my animoto video

Blog challenge 8

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my animoto video.

Things I am proud of

May 2, 2014 399

This is the Lego base I built. It is my own copy of the dwarf kingdom Erabor, from the Hobbit part 1. I spent about two weeks building it. It still isn’t as full as it will be and the insides are still a work in progress. I am proud of it because it is close as it can be to it the real thing that I can make it and it is one of the best Lego bases that I have ever built.

May 2, 2014 397


these are the trophies and ribbons I’ve got in the last three years. The three trophies are from my soccer league NMSC (North Mississauga Soccer Club). I earned them for being a participant. the first ribbon is from the Kindree Quiddich cup for making it to the final with Gryfindor. The second ribbon is for being at Kumon for six months. The third is for participating in a mixed sports program. I am proud of these awards because I spent a lot of time and effort outside of school to earn them.